Citi Bike celebrates South African artist, culture with street mural.
This mural honoring South African artist Esther Mahlangu was created by Iman Shanklin-Roberts at the Franklin Street and West Broadway Citi Bike station. (Provided)

As a way to celebrate the diversity of New York City — and September being Women’s Bike Month — Citi Bike on Wednesday unveiled a vibrant geometric street mural honoring South African artist Esther Mahlangu.


Created by up-and-coming artist Imani Shanklin-Roberts, who graduated from Pratt University in 2014, the mural is located at the Citi Bike station plaza at Franklin Street and West Broadway in Manhattan.


The mural was created as part of a month-long partnership between Citi Bike, which is operated by Motivate, and South African Tourism.


Additionally, Citi Bike and South African Tourism will present a South Africa-themed block party near Shanklin-Roberts’ new mural at the docking station from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday. The event will feature a pop-up food truck, face-painting, music and more.


Citi Bike members can also take advantage of a vacation promotion through South African Airways Vacations as part of the partnership, which includes exploring Johannesburg and Soweto by bicycle, visiting the Apartheid Museum and a two-night safari. Thirty of Citi Bike’s 600 docking stations will also be branded with South African imagery.


Though Mahlangu, 81, is known the world over, she still lives in her home village of Middelburg, whose culture inspires her renown and colorful works of art. 

To further celebrate its second annual Women’s Bike Month, Citi Bike is offering free Day Passes through Sept. 30. Visit for more information.