Attention New Yorkers and fellow GoT fans: first-time, limited-edition Game of Thrones MetroCards are coming to Grand Central Station on Tuesday, December 4.

Each will include the season 8 #ForTheThrone campaign slogan meant to get us ready for this final chapter hitting TV screens in April 2019.

Approximately 250,000 Game of Thrones MetroCards will be available for purchase at larger MetroCard vending machines and booths throughout Grand Central.

According to a representative from HBO, these include the following areas: 42nd St & Park Ave, 42nd St & Lexington Ave, 42nd St & 3rd Ave.


There are four different options in this lineup that each depict iconic moments from the past seven seasons. In our opinion, there are too many of these gut-wrenching scenes to choose from. There was Joffrey's death, the Red Wedding, that time Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons made their budding romance official (though we'll see how that goes when they find out they're related). The list can continue on for as long as there's been a GoT Wall to guard (a while).

But, HBO picked the following moments to portray on these MetroCards: Jon Snow's revival scene (because the King of the North will never die), the birth of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons, Cersei's Walk of Atonement and the Massacre at Hardhome (where the White Walkers and army of the undead show their undeniable strength).

The cards will randomly dispense "in no particular order."

Rumors about these Game of Thrones MetroCards surfaced last week when GoT launched its Grand Central takeover campaign, but the NYCT Subway's official Twitter account posted an announcement stating there was no "firm release date."

Well, just like winter in GoT (and in real life) these cards are finally here, and they want you to embrace whichever one of the Seven Kingdoms runs through your veins. (Hopefully you have Stark blood.)

Game of Thrones MetroCards

The HBO rep tells Metro that they chose Grand Central because of its high-traffic volume, especially during the holiday season. The terminal also offers many "formats for the #ForTheThrone creatives" that HBO has placed around the station. 

Click through the gallery above for a first look at these Game of Thrones MetroCards.

And get ready to claim your throne (on the subway). 

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