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Man arrested 2 days in a row at LaGuardia; Nabbed with pistol, knives, throwing stars

Michael Rios Jr. allegedly tried to smuggle "ninja" throwing stars onto an airplane.
LaGuardia arrest ninja throwing stars
The man was arrested two days in a row by Port Authority Police. Photo: provided

One man figured if at first you don’t succeed at smuggling weapons on an airplane at LaGuardia Airport, try, try again.

Only, the second time didn’t go so well, either.

Michael Rios Jr., 25, was arrested by Port Authority Police on Saturday after TSA saw a gravity knife and brass knuckles in his carry-on bag, PAP spokesman Joe Pentangelo said.

The next morning, Rios, from Union Street in Bangor, Maine, returned to the airport with a checked bag. Screeners flagged PAP which then found an air pistol, six knives and throwing stars.


Rios was nabbed a second time and is charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

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