Bus-mounted camera making they’re way onto M14 bus service route – Metro US

Bus-mounted camera making they’re way onto M14 bus service route

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Beginning on November 21, the MTA announced that some buses on the M14 Select Bus Service route will be getting a bus-mounted camera system. 

The new bus-mounted camera system is to help enforce bus lanes and enhance traffic enforcement on the new 14th Street Truck & Transit Priority lanes. The bus-mounted cameras, as well as the fixed location camera, will complement each other. 

The camera can capture license plate information, videos, photos, and the location and time stamp information of vehicles violating bus lanes. The system collects multiple pieces of evidence to make sure cars making permitted turns are not ticketed. 

Once the cameras gather the information, it is sent to New York City’s Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) for processing and reviews. It’s administered by NYCDOT and the NYC Department of Finance. The camera has already been put into action on the M15 SBS and B44 SBS routes in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The MTA will begin issuing violations with fines for the M14 line on December 2. There will be a 60-day grace period for a motorist who block the bus lanes will get a warning, not a fine. 

Motorists who block bus lanes will be charges $50 for a first violation, for additional violations within a 12-month period, $100 for the second offense, $150 for a third offense, $200 for a fourth offense, and $250 for a fifth violation. With a 12-month span, each additional violation will be $250.