The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

Muhammad Ashar/Wikimedia Commons

A mix-upin a Pakistani village 75 miles outside of Lahoreled to a 15-year-old boy chopping off his own hand.

Local police told CNN that Mohammad Anwar took the shocking action after he "misheard the words of Shabbir Ahmed during a sermon. Ahmed had asked those present to raise their hands if they did not love the Prophet Mohammed, the police chief said, and the teen had mistakenly raised his hand."

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At that point, authorities said that the cleric accused Anwar of blasphemy so the boy ran home, cut his hand off and brought it back on a plate. As a result of the incident, the cleric is now in jail.


Pakistan has been recently cracking down on extrajudicial violence done under the auspices of blasphemy.

Al Jazeera explained that while the cleric was, indeed, arrested in connection with the terrible mix-up, local villagers, including his own father,hailed the boy as a righteoushero.