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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…

Good morning!

Before you jumped in the shower this morning, Florida rescuers came face to face with 20 of these funny-looking fellas – above – as they saved them from a drain.

Ukraine rebels offered truce hope, while ISIS took Syrian hostages.

Chewing tobacco faced a baseball ban.

Ukraine rebels withdrew weapons

Separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine said they were withdrawing artillery in line with the peace truce they have been rebelling against for the last few weeks. The announcement offers fresh hope for a ceasefire in the region, even if government troops say the fighting is still continuing.

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ISIS kidnapped Christians

The terrorist group took at least 90 hostages in raids on Christian villages in northeastern Syria early this morning as their targets in the region came under fire from local Syrian Kurd militia, assisted by U.S.-led air strikes.

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Chewing tobacco faced a baseball ban

Lawmakers in California are set to introduce a ban on chewing tobacco on the Major League Baseball pitch, less than a year after we lost San Diego Padres legend Tony Gwynn to saliva cancer.

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Manatees were freed

After a 24-hour ordeal, 20 of the weird-looking, enormous creatures, were helped to safety after getting stuck in a pipe as they tried to stay warm.

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