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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning.

Before you took a sip of your soy latte, Obama said war had been averted. A shipwrecked sailor was saved after66 days at sea.

A family was awarded $150 million for a son who died, while an inmate was awarded gender-reassignment surgery. Fans bought a slice of Lauren Bacall’s glittering life.

Iran agreed a deal

An initial framework was finally agreed after lots of late night nuclear negotiations between six superpowers and Iran. Obama says this deal is much better than a new war or sanctions. Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia say it’s good news. Not everyone’s feeling it of course – Israel’s prime minister says they’re feeling more fearful than ever.

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A sailor was rescued after 66 days

A South Carolina man was found on his capsized boat after he was reported missing at sea on January 29. Louis Jordan survived by drinking rain water and eating raw fish.

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$150 million was awarded for a Jeep fire death

A court ordered carmaker Fiat toshell out $150 million to the family of a boy who died in a car crash blaze. The fire was blamed on a poorly positioned fuel-tank.

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A transgender inmate awaited a sex change

A San Francisco judge ordered the state of Californiato give murdererMichelle-Lael Norsworthy gender-reassignmentsurgery. He said that the state is violating her rightsby denying her treatment for her stressful condition.The operation would be the first in state prison history.

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Lauren Bacall belongings fetched $3.6 million

Fans of the glamorous star snapped up her sculptures, jewelery, clothes, furniture and paintings at a New York auction house. Lots included a bronze statue of the actress’ late husband Humphrey Bogartdressed as his character Rick Blaine from “Casablanca.” It was bought for$16,250, more than 20 times its modest estimate of$800.

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