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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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As you prepared for work today, people in Texas braced themselves for more storms and Malaysian cops geared up for gory mass grave finds. Washington Post’s Tehran bureau chief went on trial as B.B. King’s daughters accused their father’s managers of his murder.

At least Apple’s design supremo got a promotion.

Texas prepared for more epic floods

The state is preparing for more extreme weather after it, and Oklahoma, were devastated by violent storms. Governor Elliott said the water rushing across the countryside had ‘tsunami-type power’.

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A U.S. reporter went on trial in Iran

There’s concern as Washington Post’s Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian goes on trial in Iran today. He’s accused of spying, but the trial takes place behind closed doors.

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Malaysia cops dug up graves

Bodies are being exhumed from mass graves found in Malaysia, thought to contain corpses of migrants who had been held in camps by people traffickers.

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Jony Ive became Apple’s Chief Design Officer

The guy who all those Apple products look so appealing and created a whole design style, has been promoted. The company’s Chief Design Officer will spend less time managing, more time creating.

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B.B. King’s daughters said he was poisoned

An investigation has been launched after two of the blues legend’s daughters are claiming he was murdered by close associates. His estate’s attorney has dismissed the claims, but it’s not clear whether the probe will affect the plans for a funeral on Saturday.

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