Philadelphians are very picky when it comes to their cheesesteaks.

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Where are the country's pickiest eaters? They're not in Los Angeles or New York: Philadelphians take the cake when it comes to modifying take-out orders, according to data from GrubHub. New Yorkers and Bostonians trailed closely behind, taking the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, on GrubHub's top 5 pickiest cities list.

1. Philadelphia: 31 percent of orders placed contain special instructions for individual menu items.
2. Baltimore: 31 percent
3. Dallas: 30 percent
4. New York: 29 percent
5. Boston: 27 percent


What were Philadelphians most picky about? Unsurprisingly, cheesesteaks (if you combine orders for regular cheesesteaks and chicken cheesesteaks). Surprisingly, Bostonians are nearly as picky about their cheesesteaks. Interestingly, the East Coast cities on the top 5 list were mostly picky about classic American dishes, especially sandwiches and salads, whereas Dallas eaters were more picky about Mexican and Thai dishes.


Top 5 foods with the most special instructions in Philadelphia:


1. Turkey hoagies: 63 percent of orders were modified.
2. Cheesesteak hoagies: 57 percent
3. Chicken cheesesteaks: 47 percent
4. Italian hoagies: 55 percent
5. Hamburgers: 53 percent


Top 5 foods with the most special instructions in New York City:

1. Turkey sandwiches: 28 percent
2. Roast beef sandwiches: 20 percent
3. Turkey club sandwiches: 20 percent
4. Omelets: 19 percent
5. Tuna salad sandwiches: 19 percent

Top 5 foods with the most special instructions in Boston:

1. Cheesesteak subs: 34 percent
2. Cheeseburgers: 34 percent
3. Greek salads: 31 percent
4. Garden salads: 25 percent
5. Buffalo chicken calzone: 25 percent