Eric Trump thinks Ellen DeGeneres is a member of the Deep State
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Eric Trump believes Ellen DeGeneres is a member of the Deep State.


On Tuesday, President Trump’s son tweeted a screenshot of Twitter’s suggested people he should follow. The list included former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama. One person who stood out on that list of suggested people to follow on Twitter was talk-show host Ellen Degeneres.


“Shocking... once again, here are the @Twitter 'suggestions' of who I should follow. #DeepState,” Trump wrote in the Tweet, suggesting that Ellen DeGeneres is a member of the so-called Deep State.


As expected, Eric Trump received more than a handful of responses to his tweet.


Some were quick to point out that Twitter’s algorithm was the reason why Ellen DeGeneres showed up in his list of suggested people to follow, which is probably the case.

What is the Deep State?

The “deep state” conspiracy theory is a term that is popular among some Trump supporters. Some people believe there is an alleged group of people with strong connections to civil service who are conspiring against the Trump administration. These individuals could be politicians and civil servants who have the power to influence government policy.

The term was originally used to describe shadow governments in the Soviet Union, but has become popular again during the Trump Administration and is used to describe influential people conspiring to denounce President Trump.

Apparently, Eric Trump believes talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is one of those people and didn’t hesitate to include her in the list of people some Trump supporters believe are trying to delegitimize the president.

DeGeneres has yet to post a response to Trump’s bold claims.