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Tiffany Trump’s Germany vacation cost taxpayers $22,000

Tiffany Trump

The taxpayers foot the bill when President Trump goes golfing and avoids living with his wife, but our girl Tiffany Trump just sacked us with a $22,000 bill after her vacation in Germany with BF Ross Mechanic.

Being part of the first family (even for Tiffany The Obscure) has major perks, like Secret Service protection, and when a first family member goes on a trip, she never goes alone.

CBS News acquired federal purchase orders viewed that show the hotel costs for the Secret Service team cost taxpayers $22,439. Those costs do not include the agents’ time or the cost of their flights.


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One purchase order included: “URGENT! Rooms Regent USSS (Tiffany Trump visit) June 14-24,” which makes it sound as if the team was given short notice. The Secret Service commonly vets a site before an event or a first family arrival.

Since the Secret Service does not have a Berlin office, so the agency set up a temporary office (or “control room) in a hotel room, a Secret Service official told CBS. The agency does have an office in Frankfurt.

With four adult children, this isn’t the first time Trump’s brood left the taxpayers with the bill.

Eric Trump cost taxpayers close to $100,000 for his business trip to Uruguay in January, NBC reported. The president, Donald Jr. and Eric traveled to Vancouver the next month for a Trump hotel opening. The Vancouver trip cost the Secret Service $53,000.

The law requires protection for the president, vice president and first lady, but Secret Service protection for adult children is optional. Ronald Reagan’s son Ron Reagan opted to turn down the coverage.

A running tally of hotel costs, chauffeur services and ski passes for Secret Service agents protecting Trump’s adult children abroad based on federal purchase orders reviewed by CBS News is more than $280,000.

The president’s family could be considered a high-risk target and one of former President Barack Obama’s secret service agents told NPR that protecting the children of presidents is “protecting the sanctity of the office of the presidency.”