The maker of Tylenol has agreed to pay a settlement of $25 million after pleading guilty in Federal Court that they had sold medicine contaminated with metal.
You might remember that about five years ago a massive recall was launched on over-the-counter medicines such as Children’s Motrin and Infants’ Tylenol after metal particles were found.
The recall had a massive effect on the Johnson & Johnson's performance. As Reuters reports:
“In 2010, Johnson & Johnson's U.S. consumer product sales fell by more than 19 percent, a decrease of $900 million. The rash of consumer medicine recalls in 2009 and 2010 were largely responsible for the first back-to-back years of company sales declines since World War Two."
Reuters also reports that Carol Goodrich, a spokeswoman for McNeil Consumer Healthcare (a subsidary of Johnson & Johnson), said the company has since the recall “been implementing enhanced quality and oversight standards across its entire business.”
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