Jennifer Connell via Facebook

New York City resident Jennifer Connell, who claimed to suffer from pain, mental anguish and lost wages stemming from her then-8-year-old nephew knocking her to the ground in an excited hug, has lost her court case, CNN affiliate WFSB reported, adding that jurors took just 40 minutes to deliberate Tuesday before deciding in the child’s favor.

She spoke to CNN later by phone.

"This was meant to be a simple homeowners insurance case," she was quoted by CNN. "Connecticut law is such that I was advised by counsel that this is the way a suit is meant to be worded." She added that an individual, not an insurance company, had to be named as a defendant.

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The boy refers to Connell as his aunt, although she said he is the son of her cousin, CNN reported, adding that the family remains close.

"I adore this child. I would never want to hurt him. He would never want to hurt me," she told CNN.

"It's amazing the power that the Internet has that something can go viral, completely out of context," she was quoted by CNN. "I'm certainly not trying to retire to some villa in the south of France. I'm simply trying to pay off my medical bills."

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