VIDEO: Editor of Metro France talks Charlie Hebdo, says he feels 'safe'

Metro Netherland spoke with Christophe Joly, the Editor of Metro France, to hear his thoughts on the recent attack on satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.


Three of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists killed in the attack had previously worked with Joly. He described Charlie Hebdo’s editor Stéphane “Charp” Charbonnier as dedicated. Joly said that even in spite of the danger and threats, Charb felt that “a journalist had to do his job, his work, even [with the] danger.”


When asked if he felt journalists were safe in France, Joly said he does. "I feel safe in France. We don't have to be threatenedby this kind of situation. The only thing is to be honest with the readers.”


Joly went on to describe the mood in France as “tense,” referring to a French policewoman who was shot and killed in Paris early Thursday morning. No connection to the Charlie Hebdo attack has been made.

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