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While you were sleeping…

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Good morning!

While you had a lie-in on Presidents Day, two suspected Copenhagen shooting accomplices were charged, while Islamic militants were bombed in Libya after beheading 21 Egyptians there.

In Eastern Europe rebels in eastern Ukraine defied a ceasefire, and in Western Europe, leaders planned a deal for Greece’s debt.

Egypt air forces bombed ISIS

Egypt said it had killed at least 50 militants in a wave of strikes on ISIS targets this morning. The attack was to avenge the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians, shown in a video by the extremists at the weekend.

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Two charged over Copenhagen shootings

Danish police charged two suspects for their involvement in the shootings in the country’s capital by a 22-year-old Dane. He first fired and killed one person at a cafe where a free speech debate was being held, then fatally shot a guard outside a synagogue in the city.

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Violence continued in eastern Ukraine

Despite the start of an officialceasefire on Saturday night, carefully negotiated last week by leaders from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany, a bunch of separatists are still fighting Ukraine troops in eastern Ukraine.

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EU leaders hoped for Greece deal

Leaders in Europe are crossing their fingers that their finance ministers can finally negotiate a deal with Greece’s new, seriously left-wing government over their huge debts to the EU. When it took power a couple of weeks ago, the new government promised voters it would roll back the austerity measures that were conditions of the EU’s massive $274 billion bail out. Now it’s hoping to write off some of its debts and borrow more.

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