The public personas of Beyonce and Jay Z are so sterling, so perfect and so controlled that it's fascinating to see a little glimpse behind the scenes. And here is an "oh S—" glimpse.

In this exclusive video from, you can see Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, viciously attacking Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Ball. A man who appears to be Jay Z's bodyguard holds the swinging and kicking Knowles back but she makes contactwith the Hova at least three times. For her part, Beyonce just kind of stands there.

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Thevideo was taken by asurveillance camerain the elevator of The Standard hotel after the big gala on May 4 during an afterparty. As TMZpoints out, the bodyguard stops the elevator at one point, probably in hopes of keeping this private affair private.

Too late.

Want to know how Solange has reacted since the incident? Click here to find out.

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