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So far it's been a sad day for France after they lost three sports champs in a chopper crash.

Meanwhile, our ambassador to South Korea left hospital after a knife attack, and in Syria, captives escaped an Islamic State jail.

Wikimediaplanned to sue the government over internet surveillance.


Sports stars died in a helicopter crash

A champion swimmer, boxer and yachtswoman died after their helicopter collided with another on the set of a reality TV show set in Argentina.

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Captives evaded an ISIS jail

A group of 95 Kurds and Syrians made a bold escape froman ISIS-run jail in northern Syria. They're still on the loose despite the extremists calling for local citizens to help capture the escapees.

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South Korea's U.S. ambassador overcame a knife attack

Leaving a Seoul hospital less than a week after a maniac slashed him in the faceleaving him with a dramatic 80-stitch scar, ourtop diplomatin South Korea declared that he would keep his trademark informal approach.

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Wikimedia planned to sue the government

Today the organization behind Wikipedia will sue the NSA and Department of Justice over its mass surveillance operations. It says that the government violates the First and Fourth Amendments when it violates citizens' online privacy.

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