Protestors chant on the steps of the City of Ferguson Police Department and MunicipalREUTERS/Kate Munsch

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After you went to bed, two Ferguson cops were shot. Two smashedsecret agents were busted for a drunken car crash –into White House barriers.

California universities hoped to stamp out anti-semitism, while scientists discovered more new marine species.

Two Ferguson cops were shot


Demonstrations outsideFerguson's police station got ugly last night and two cops were shot. The protests came after a bunch of the city'sofficials includingits police chief quit, after a report confirmed systematic racism in the police force behind the killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown in August.

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Schnockered Secret Service agents faced a hellish hangover

Two undercover agents are under investigationafterploughing their duty car into White House barriers after a night on the lash. It's yet another embarrassingepisode for the Secret Service after aguy with a knife vaulted the White House fences and ran into the mansion last year.

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California students said no to anti-semitism

Days after Oklahoma students were slammed for racist taunts, studentsat two California university campuses haveofficially condemned anti-semitism after two seriously unsavory incidents.Swastikas were painted on a Jewish frat house at Davis and a Jewish candidate for a student post was given a grilling based on her religion.

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Thousands of marine species were found

Good news: nearly1,500 new species of ocean creature were found last year, including whales, dolphins,shrimpsand a really nasty type ofjellyfish. The earth's oceans are under-explored, say the scientists behind the findings. The bad news? Many new species will become extinct before we find them because of pollution and climate change.

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