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Nick Carter on life beyond Backstreet

Back without Backstreet.
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Before kicking off his tour to support his new solo album “All American” last month, boy banderNick Carter dishes on what fans can expect from his shows, his growing family and the things that help him unwind when he’sout of the spotlight.

You’ve been a very busy guy for the last few years between the most recent Backstreet Boys tour, getting married and “Dancing with the Stars.” Where did you find time to record “All American” and what has gone into the process prepping for this tour?
Well, it was pretty hard to find time to do “All Americanbutwe were able to nail it within really about two-and-a-half, three weeks…That’s just because, honestly, when it comes to being creative for me, it’s not something that I want to overthink too much. I just want to let it flow and kind of come out and you know, do what it wants to do as an artist.

I have some guidelines of what I want to accomplish during the show, and that No. 1 is that all the fans are satisfied.You’re going to hear a lot of Backstreet Boys music, you’re going to hear a lot of my solo music —a nice mixture of the two.

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Is it going to be hard for you going out on the road again alone without the rest of the group?Getting ready to do this without the guys is not a scary thing, it’s something that I’m prepared for. We all individually grow and as a group, we allow each other to go out and individually do things.

How hard is it going to be for you to be out on the road while your wife is expecting?
Very hard. Literally, I’m away for four weeks, and then right when I get home it’s like, about to have a baby.It’s a little scary to be away, but if something happens, I’m just going to jump on a plane and head home.

How important is it for you personally to find time in your life to unwind and how do you do that?
When I’m home, I love playing video games. I love working out and playing sports, watching movies … I try to go to the gym as much as I can and try to do normal stuff…It’s really strange to say that, but you know, writing movies and doing an album and going on the road, all those ways — those are ways for me to unwind, but then obviously there’s the more domestic stuff I do as well.

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For the folks in Boston and New York who want to know: Is there anything you have to do when you get to those two cities on tour?
Well, in Boston, if I get a chance I like to go down to the harbor and literally have the best lobster ever [at Legal Sea Foods]. But in New York, for me, I really enjoy just walking around the city in New York. Taking long, long walks all the way through the city and obviously going shopping.Or if I’m in Boston, I have to go to a Celtics game, because I’m a Celtics fan.

If you go:

New York
March 12
Playstation Theatre
1515 Broadway, New York
$30, axs.com

March 13
House of Blues
15 Lansdowne St., Boston
$29.50, livenation.com

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