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Nicole Kidman: ‘Why I peed on Zac Efron’

Nicole Kidman wanted to feel uncomfortable. That’s why she took the part in movie “The Paperboy” as a sexy death row-groupie with a Barbie-look. It is the most daring role of her career – so far.

“You become more scared with age and people have so many opinions. It gives me the drive to be brave,” Kidman tells Metro in New York.

When the superstar was offered the role by director Lee Daniels (“Precious”) she didn’t hesitate one second. She had been searching for something risky and raw for a long time.

“I’m 45 years today and it’s very hard finding roles that are pushing boundaries.”

“The Paperboy” is set in 1969, deep in a swampy part of Florida. Kidman plays trashy, vulnerable vamp Charlotte who wears fake eyelashes and has a particular attraction for a convicted police killer on death row (John Cusack). Critics have hailed the role as Charlotte as Kidman’s best since “To Die For” (1995).

“I didn’t see her as crazy, on the other had there are few people I consider as crazy. It is a woman who is clearly emotionally damaged and scared to death of intimacy,” Kidman says.

In a much talked about scene Kidman urinates on Zac Efron, who plays a young hunk who is smitten with her. In another scene she spreads her legs in front of an audience without embarrassment.

“I wanted to find her sexual freedom and not censure myself. Apparently there are parts of me in all the roles I play. During the time we were filming I never let go of the part, maybe I would have judged her then,” says Kidman, who found inspiration in Sylvia Miles character in the movie “Heat” (1972).

Kidman is known for having hundreds of faces and stubbornness to find complex characters and gifted independent directors.

“Limitations are great for creativity. We had no money so I did my own make up and bought clothes for five dollars in thrift shops. For it’s about realizing a director’s vision. It’s what I’m hired to do. I’m there as a muse and have ideas.”

“In this period of my life I want to take roles that scare me. I want to go home at night and feel a sort of discomfort, feel challenged. I want to give everything I have.”

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