Night out with Sex and the City gang

Sex and the City may be set in New York, but it’s Halifax that’s getting ready for a night on the town.

“It’s such a great way to bond with your friends. This is a time for women to come together and celebrate how fabulous they are,” says Amy Hawke, 27, who has a night out planned with 13 of her girlfriends in celebration of the movie premiere tomorrow.

“We’ve been watching Sex and the City since the beginning; it’s sort of become a cult following for us. I think that you can take any situation that happens in your life and relate it back to an episode of Sex and the City.”

Rachel Dodds, owner of Sexy Girl and, like Carrie Bradshaw, a one-time sex columnist, isn’t the biggest fan of the show. But she’s a wholehearted fan of the message it sends to women.

“The women in Sex and the City are a lot more open-minded than most. It really broke down that stereotype that women have to be in a relationship or in love to have sex,“ Dodds says, “It pushed that whole attitude of empowerment in women to the forefront. Now women are having sex more like men, and they know it’s OK.”

The hit HBO show’s finale was four years ago, but the hype and popularity for the colourful cast has never died down. It’s still affecting how women shop — and they’re not just looking for Carrie Bradshaw’s Jimmy Choos.

“The show has been very effective with making vibrators more mainstream,” says Dodds, whose business sells them. “We’ve launched this new business that features high-end vibrators named after each character on the show. Women can get together for a girls’ night and leave with their very own Mr. Big, batteries included.”

She says Sex and the City promotes the ideal of women who are confident, independent, and comfortable with who they are.

“I like the way that the women in Sex and the City took the power back. They have all the same problems with sex and relationships that regular women do, but they showed it as being normal, as being real. It showed them handling it in the way every woman should, with a sense of humour, with confidence, and with our friends by our side.”

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