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NJ Diet Reviews: What is The NJ Diet & Is It Right for You?


The diet industry is booming, with new plans, schedules, guidelines, and regulations differing with every program you review. It seems like there’s a never-ending supply of new and trendy diet plans. Unfortunately, most methods seem to fade out because they’re grossly ineffective. After all, having one generic plan for every individual wanting to join will never be effective for everyone. Even worse, some people join these programs only to regain weight shortly after stopping, defeating the entire purpose of the plan.

One new area of dieting is DNA diet plans. These plans are different than most, focusing on the individual instead of a generic catch-all. DNA diets look at personal genetics as the blueprint for a diet plan, looking at how the body interacts with different foods, nutrients, and minerals at a core level. One available option is the NJ Diet. It focuses on understanding the body’s essential functioning, putting the patient front and center in the weight loss plan.

But let’s take a look at understanding the “NJ Diet,” how it works, and whether this diet plan is effective overall.

What is a DNA Based Diet Plan?

Nutrigenomics is a relatively new process that studies the interaction of nutrition and genes. It evaluates the influences these two components play within the body and how to customize diets for optimal health. According to Today’s Dietitian, Nutrigenomics study how genetic makeup contributes to any differences in diet and predisposition to a disease. Essentially, nutrigenomics breaks down how genetics interact with an individual’s diet and physical activity.

Most testing for DNA based diet includes a few different categories. DNA profiles can use blood, saliva, hair, and overall health diagnostics to determine the patient’s health profile. Those wanting to participate in a nutrigenomic diet should look for a program incorporating many different testing methods. For example, hair, blood, and saliva can determine how your body processes food, from the general breakdown (including any intolerance levels) and absorption rates. The more incorporated the pre-testing, the higher the level of understanding. Gene variants provide critical information on metals, toxins, viruses, imbalances, and other relevant digestive issues within the body.

The NJ Diet

Genetic traits are known for their direct influence on the body’s ability to break down various foods, how it responds to exercise, or any gross deficiencies that might develop over time. Understanding these core components can facilitate weight loss, as every individual is different. After all, a one-size-fits-all shirt isn’t going to fit everyone the same. The NJ Diet believes that listening to the body is the first step in building your personalized approach to weight loss. 

How NJ Diets Uses a Scientific Approach to Weight Loss

The NJ Diet program believes that genetic profiles are the key indicator of weight loss, including the proper foods to eat and the nutrients needed for optimal functioning.

It seems that a few studies agree with this thought process. One study by Interleukin Genetics followed 34 people on a weight loss journey. Half of the participants were put on a generic plan, while researchers gave the other half a genetic profile—those following the genetic plan lost twice as much weight as the generic profiles.

Additionally, in 2008, 141 women followed four different diets through Stanford University. These programs included very low-fat, ultra-low-carb, low-carb, and standard government programs. After following the diet program for a year, researchers found that those individuals matched with genetic makeup lost 2.5 times more weight than those on generic programs.

Medical professionals assess over 50 different factors related to fitness and weight, including how the body metabolizes. From there, they can establish dietary recommendations to optimize participants’ weight loss. The NJ Diet indicates that participants could lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days, using genetics and DNA to create a custom plan.

How Does the Regimen Work?

The NJ diet is a 40-day program that works to heal your body from the inside out. During the consultation, individuals undergo significant assessment and analysis. This testing includes blood, saliva, hair, and biometric testing. From there, doctors create a custom plan, complete with any custom supplements required. Doctors monitor participants closely while on the program, including a check-in every 10-15 days. The staff monitors the overall health and all weight loss while on the program to ensure optimal weight loss levels.

During the 40 days, participants may have the original program altered to improve the detox and healing of the body. As the body calibrates, it begins to heal from the inside out. Through healing the gut, individuals can lose weight in high quantities of weight, while improving their overall health and nutrition.

After the 40-days, patients will meet with their doctor for a comprehensive review. This includes a personalized profile of the genetic makeup. This appointment highlights optimal foods and calorie intake for your genetic makeup and how to keep the weight off after the program. 

Supervised by a Health Care Professional

As a medically supervised program, the NJ Diet closely monitors all participants. Every program component involves close supervision by a medical team, from the initial consultation to the final discharge. Participants are continuously supervised with multiple check-ins throughout the program for optimal weight loss.

All individuals receive contact information for their doctor while following the program, keeping people closely connected to their medical team if they need it. Participants can contact their team with questions, concerns, or comments while on the program. The monitoring continues after the program, with all patients being discharged with comprehensive portfolios of their genetics.

NJ Diet Reviews: What do People Say?

Most NJ Diet reviews are considerably positive when looking online. The website takes great care to offer photo and video testimonials from previous patients on the program. The testimonials on the website offer before and after photos, showing extensive weight loss. The average weight loss in these testimonials exceeds twenty pounds. Many individuals note ample inches lost, including the hip and the stomach area. A few people indicate a general improvement of chronic health issues (including increased energy and better quality of life).

The popular platform Consumer Health Digest suggests the NJ Diet is effective as a weight loss plan for those who want to lose considerable weight. The website notes genetic testing as a successful method for weight loss.

Fit Healthy Momma works to detail the plan in its entirety, explaining the genetic influence on weight loss, along with the program’s success. The website indicates the diet plan is not “fly-by-night,” mainly as it requires DNA-testing, medical supervision, and ongoing support to keep the weight off. According to Fit Healthy Momma, the NJ Diet is ideal for online appointments or in-person consultations.

Finally, many medical communities focus on DNA-based diet plans as a successful program for weight loss. Medical Daily’s NJ Diet Review indicates the diet is effective and safe to use. The review explains that medical evaluations and monitoring connect significant weight loss to participants, dropping considerable weight throughout the forty days. Finally, Medical Daily highlights the supportive discharge from the program. 

Is It Right for You?

Overall, the NJ Diet is ideal for individuals with difficulty losing weight on traditional programs. As the DNA diet focuses on the patient’s genetic profile, it evaluates the overall health and well-being of a patient at the start of the plan. This means patients will receive comprehensive testing to better understand their body functions before attempting any weight loss.

 The custom plan includes a strict meal plan and a tailored supplement schedule. Anyone struggling with portion control or overall nutrition will likely enjoy this aspect of the NJ Diet. The rigid medical supervision holds all participants accountable, ensuring optimal levels of weight loss throughout the 40-days.

 For those struggling to keep weight off after a diet program, the NJ Diet supports all participants at the time of discharge. Patients receive an informative and educational session explaining how their body works, optimal nutrition and dietary requirements, and how to keep the weight off permanently.

 Anyone considering the NJ Diet should book a consultation to determine suitability overall. The initial consultation includes all types of health assessment and DNA testing, giving you a better understanding of where you’re at and how your body functions. From there, you and the medical team can determine whether the NJ Diet is ideal for your body and weight loss goals. Chances are, if you’re looking to lose considerable amounts of weight and keep it off, the NJ Diet may be just the plan to accomplish your goals.

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