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No adoption fee means puurrfect time to get a cat

In the summertime cats like to mate and what the MSPCA dubs “kitten season” floods the animal clinics with felines.

Problem is, everybody takes the cuddly kittens and leaves the older cats behind.

For the first time ever, the states four adoption centers are waiving the $75 adoption fee in an effort to get more of those older pussy cats out the door and into peoples’ homes.

The center said each year they care for thousands of unwanted cats, but summertime is the worst because it “marks the traditional beginning of “kitten season,” when the breeding pattern of cats begins and kittens start to flood into adoption centers,” according to the MSPCA site.

To get those cats a new place to stay, the clinics are launching the “Seeking Purrfect Families” campaign and knocking out the $75 adoption fee for adult cats over the age of one.

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