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No tea no shade: Trump had to replace Obama’s ‘damaged’ wallpaper

Barack Obama
Don't spill that tea on yourself. A White House staffer said Obama's wallpaper was "damaged" and had to be replaced. Photo: Getty Images

When we heard that President Trump wanted to renovate the White House, we were afraid it would turn into the Gold House a la Trump Tower, but the changes to the “real dump,” as Trump called it, are palatable.

And geez, thank GAWD he replaced former President Barack Obama’s stained wallpaper.

“[Mr. Trump] wanted to bring back the luster and the glory of the White House,” said a White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, according to reports. “The Obama wallpaper was very damaged. There were a lot of stains on it.”



The facelift was approved during the Obama era and included updating a 27-year-old H.V.A.C. system, upgrading I.T. systems and repairing the South Portico steps for the first time since the Eisenhower administration, Vanity Fair reported.

Trump reached down to his real estate roots and grabbed at the chance to redecorate some of the rooms.

CBS News took a tour of the spruced-up areas, which include the Navy mess, the West Wing’s V.I.P. lobby and the Roosevelt Room, a tribute to our 26th president.

In the Roosevelt Room, CBS reported, “Two large, gilded eagles—acquired by G.S.A.’s West Wing historian at a Maryland antique shop”— which now “adorn pedestals” in the West Wing conference room.

The Oval Office got a makeover as well. The mid-century modern furnishings were replaced with gold-toned upholstery. Obama’s yellow walls were swapped for a gray damask print that Trump reportedly picked out himself.

Pretty tame for the guy who lived in this:

The gray wallpaper might not stay, though. You see, Trump wants to trade the rug in for a permeant carpet, which as Vanity Fair points out, isn’t a super idea when you’re “renting” a room.

And who knows how long Trump will be a tenant? (One word: “Russia.” Want another? “Investigation.”)

Symbolic changes were also made when he previously hung a picture of Andrew Jackson in his office (you know, that guy with all the slaves?), added six extra flags behind his desk and replaced a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. with one of Winston Churchill.

Trump tried to claim that Obama sent the King bust back to the U.K., but as it turns out, that wasn’t true, The Washington Post reported.


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