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Normandy’s history is a moving experience

Don’t even think of leaving Normandy without trying the cider and the calvados. Metro found the best places eat, drink and be moved in Normandy.


The beaches
Not for sunbathing — though that’s great in summer — but to see the places where the British, Americans and Canadians began to reclaim Europe from Hitler at huge cost. Out of season, these gun emplacement dotted sands are still incredibly moving.


From the fifth century, churches and abbeys have played a significant role in the culture of Normandy. Visit Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bec in Le Bec Hellouin, where the monks conduct guided tours of this amazing architectural gem.


Neufchâtel cheese
Looking like a heart-shaped Camembert, this classic cheese has been produced in Normandy since the sixth century. Slightly less full-on rustic than camembert, it needs nothing but a fresh baguette for simple culinary heaven.


No argument. This gorgeous apple brandy is the signature drink of the region. Buy the best you can afford and simply sit back and enjoy classic.


Anything in French
Although English is spoken by many, most Normandy locals will appreciate you making the effort.


Miss the impressionists
Rouen Fine Arts Museum is hosting Normandie Impressionniste from June to September this year. $1 billion worth of masterpieces from Monet, Pissarro, Gauguin and others will be on display, highlighting Rouen’s importance to the impressionist movement. Even déjeuner sur l’herbe picnics are promised.

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