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Northeastern police make plea for allegedly abused husky as department pet

When word recently spread about a Boston man who was arrested for allegedly beating his husky, many in the area inquired to the city’s Animal Care and Control office about how they could adopt the dog, named Sarah.

Northeastern University Police even jumped in on the conversation, saying that she would be a perfect pet for the department, mirroring the university’s mascot, Paws the Husky.

Sarah the husky ended up in Boston’s Animal Care and Control’s hands after her owner, John Bowen, was charged with animal abuse. On Oct. 24, a bystander at North Station reported to the police that Bowen was punching his 9-month-old husky as well as kneeling on the dog and lifting her by her leash, according to transit police.

That office has custody of Sarah pending the outcome of the charges against Bowen, but Northeastern Police took to social media to voice their love of the pup.

“Not for nothing City of Boston and Mr. Mayor Marty Walsh but…we at NUPD would love to give this very special Husky a home here with us – whether temporary or permanent!” the department wrote on its Facebook and Twitter accounts on Thursday.

The department then followed up their efforts by writing on Friday that hundreds of people showed the Northeastern Police and Sarah support in response to their post.

“A short, but sincere post on our social media outlets, stating how we’d love to take Sarah in as our own pet, received a lot of attention & hopefully now has the attention of the powers that be,” the department said on Facebook.

“Sincerely…we’d love to take her in as our pet! #DogLoversHere,” it reiterated on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Sarah is not currently up for adoption. Bowen, who pleaded not guilty in Boston Municipal Court earlier this week, is expected to appear in court Nov. 22. Officials said that should he post his $5,000 cash bail, he is ordered to stay away from North Station, witnesses and Sarah, who officials described as “limping but stable.”

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