‘Not guilty, Your Honour’ – Metro US

‘Not guilty, Your Honour’

Mayor Larry O’Brien officially entered his plea yesterday during the first day of his trial for influence peddling and negotiating a public appointment.

The charges against O’Brien stem from allegations he offered assistance in getting former mayoral candidate Terry Kilrea an appointment to the National Parole Board, if Kilrea withdrew from the 2006 mayoral race.

Yesterday morning, O’Brien entered the courthouse, holding hands with his wife Colleen McBride.

Most of the day was occupied by media applications to allow video cameras and BlackBerrys in the courtroom.

Aside from entering the plea, neither side directly addressed the charges.

The trial will resume again this morning, then break for five days. Opening arguments will be made May 11.

According to O’Brien’s lawyer Michael Edelson, the final witness list is not yet set.