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NYC-based Kidbox looks to give parents time with kids while donating clothes to children in need

One New York City- based company is looking to help parents take the hassle out of shopping with their children and allow them to enjoy some family time — while also lending a helping hand.

Kidbox is a kid’s style box that gives parents the chance to get the latest styles for their children, without having to travel to the store.

After selecting a certain style for their child, Kidbox customizes a selection of clothing items for each kid and a box filled with the items — which are all a surprise — is delivered.

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Along with dressing kids in the latest fashion, Kidbox also allows families to share some time together while opening the surprise box and seeing what is inside.

“Let’s give them more time, lets create this idea of this surprise in a box that is delivered, actually addressed to the child, gift wrapped in a way that is exciting and have this together time with mom and kids,” said Haim Dabah, founder of Kidbox.

Dabah — who worked in the retail fashion and apparel industry for 30 years — added that he decided to start the company after walking through stores and seeing how difficult it was for parents to shop with kids. He also saw the success of similar companies, which adhere to customizing outfits for adults, such as Trunk Club.

The way Kidbox works is parents answer a questionnaire about their child and their preferences, which is used to customize items that will be placed inside the box.

Each box contains six to seven handpicked pieces from a variety of high-endbrands and also includes some complimentary “surprise” items.

Once the box arrives at home, Kidbox encourages parents and children to unpack the items together and share in the “unpacking happiness.”

Families then have seven days to decide if they want to keep everything in the box or just some pieces, and also exchange sizes. Parents will only be charges for the items kept — which for all items would be a total of $98 plus tax.

Kidbox is not a subscription service so parents can decided to add more boxes or cancel at any time.

While making shopping easier and giving parents this time to spend with their children, Kidbox also wants to inspire kids to be socially responsible.

“It has the surprise element, the life, the discovery and the social responsibility and bringing these two things together is what makes it unique,” Dabah said. “We’re packing happiness.”

Once parents decide to keep the box, for every Kidbox purchased, the company will donate a new outfit to a child in need through its partnership with K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers — which is the largest nonprofit dedicated to collecting and distributing new clothing to children in need across the country.

“When [the child in need] gets an opportunity to get new clothing, it changes their point of view, gives them a total different level of confidence,” said Dabah, who serves on the board of K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers.

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Parents and their children will be able to select the specific cause they would like to make the donation to — such as disaster relief, homelessness, and more — and also enabling a conversation on giving to begin.

Dabah added that the goal of Kidbox is to donate clothes to one million needy children.

“It promotes the conversation and perhaps it might be the very first conversation might have with the child about giving,” Dabah said. “We really want to empower kids to give.”

For more information, visit www.kidbox.com.

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