NYC flash flood watch in effect Friday

flash flood watch in New York City

It’s about to get pretty wet.

A flash flood in New York City Friday may usher in the weekend after days of a horrendous summer heat wave that saw temperatures spike into the low 100s. 

The National Weather Service warned that thunderstorms could bring heavy rainfall and flash floods throughout the five boroughs. New York City is under a flash flood warning through Friday afternoon, with nearly an inch of rain expected throughout the day. 

"After a long stretch of extreme heat and humidity, we are now expecting strong storms across New York," Governor Cuomo said Thursday in preparation of Friday's rainfall and flash flood warning. "The storms will be severe in some places and will move in quickly, so it's important to pay attention to your local weather forecast and be prepared, especially if you have planned outdoor activities."

The NWS warned commuters about "torrential downpours" and "urban and poor drainage flooding."

Flash flood safety tips

Widespread increased power usage may lead to isolated power outages due to overloads. Governor Cuomo recommended that residents have the following disaster supplies on hand in case the power goes out in New York City:

-Flashlight and extra batteries

-Battery-operated radio and extra batteries

-First aid kit and manual

-Emergency food and water

-Non-electric can opener

-Essential medicines

The good news? As rain clouds part later Friday and temperatures cool into the low 60s, mild weather with temps in the 70s and 80s are expected throughout the rest of the weekend. Saturday will see a high near 81, and Sunday will see a high near 85. Nights will be cooler, in the mid-60s both nights.

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