NYJetsFans.com designs ‘EmPryor Strikes Back’ – Star Wars T-shirt – Metro US

NYJetsFans.com designs ‘EmPryor Strikes Back’ – Star Wars T-shirt

NYJetsFans.com designs ‘EmPryor Strikes Back’ – Star Wars T-shirt
Chris Nimbley

And to think, a year agoNew York Jets fans were likening Calvin Pryor to being a bust, this after the rookie safety struggled for spells last year. But now he not only has earned their praise.He’s apparently out of this world.

And worthy of being memorialized in fashion.

On Wednesday, while addressing the media outside of his locker, Pryor wore a T-shirt designed by NYJetsFans.com, thegroupthat led the anti-John Idzik protests a year ago. Just in time for the upcoming Star Wars movie (it is Star Wars right, not Star Trek?), the group designed an “EmpryorStrikes Back” T-shirt to play off the safety’s name.

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‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is the fifth installment of the Star Wars movie franchise.

Over the past three games, Pryor has 15 tackles and three passes defended. With 57 tackles this year, Pryor is set to pass last year’s 57 tackles with three games left in the season.

The NYJetsFans.com T-shirtsarebecomingthe stuff of legends. Their ‘Air-Marshall’ T-shirt has been worn by super-fan ‘Fireman Ed’ and a ‘Fitzmagic’ T-shirt featuring the Jets quarterback’s famous beard was on Eric Decker when he boarded the team bus for the flight to London. The team’s official Twitter account posted a photo of Decker getting on the bus prior to heading to the airport.