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NYPD chief faces accusations by former cop of sleeping with colleagues, pregnant women

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The NYPD is investigating claims against a high-ranking NYPD chief, which were made by a former colleague and alleges he had extramarital affairs with officers and “chased” pregnant women while on the job.

According to the New York Daily News, retired police officer Tabatha Foster went on a Facebook rant accusing Jeffrey Maddrey — head of the NYPD’s Patrol Borough Brooklyn North — of inappropriate actions with colleagues, including herself.

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“Somebody needs to stop chasing pregnant married girls around the department,” Foster wrote on a Facebook post that has since been taken down, reported the Daily News.

Foster — who recently retired after suffering a stroke in 2013 — then went on to share a photo of herself with Maddrey and wrote, “I appreciate you allowing me to sit on your face. That’s all it’s good for.”

The retired cop continued with her posts in which one she accused the 45-year-old police chief of visiting her in the hospital for sex, according to the New York Post.

Foster also allegedly wrote posts complaining about police investigating her music —which she promoted on a separate page, the Post reported. By Thursday, Foster’s Facebook pages had been taken down.

A source, close to Foster and Maddrey, told the Daily News that the two had a “close, personal friendship” but claimed Maddrey was being a victim of harassment.

The source — who shared text messages between Foster and Maddrey — went on to accuse Foster of stalking the police chief and said she would allegedly send him naked pictures of herself and beg him for sex, according to the Daily News.

According to the source, Foster would get angry when her texts went unanswered and allegedly stalked Maddrey outside 1 Police Plaza, the Daily News reported.

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After Maddrey refused to answer anymore texts, according to the Daily News, Foster began to say she was going to “kill his a–“ and claimed she would “go public.”

Maddrey allegedly then told her to report him to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

According to the Post, the NYPD said the Internal Affairs Bureau is currently reviewing the allegations and Foster’s posts are part of the investigation.

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