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NYPD facial recognition tech may nab bridge assailants

​The NYPD will use facial recognition technology to identify seven suspects and nine witnesses in Saturday’s assault on two police lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge captured on video, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Tuesday.

A YouTube video shows part of the confrontation.

“We are certainly looking to match these photos up with others that we might have in our possession,” Bratton said.

Lieutenants Philip Chan and Patrick Sullivan were knocked to the ground, kicked and punched in the head by protesters who participated in a march for Eric Garner and other black men shot by police around 8 p.m. Saturday.

Cops released photos of four men and three women seen assaulting the lieutenants on video. Witnesses include a man wearing a green legal observer hat, and two men who filmed the protests.

The suspects began assaulting the officers as they tried to arrest Eric Linsker, a Baruch College instructor who police say tried to throw a garbage can at other officers.

“The agitators and the anarchists that are seeking to use the cover of these otherwise peaceful demonstrations to advance their own goals … their world is very different, oftentimes, than the world the rest of us live in,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

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