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NYPD, Hells Angels at odds following shooting outside clubhouse: Report

The Hells Angels New York headquarters at 77 E. Third St.

After the Hells Angels kept mum about a shooting outside their East Village headquarterson Sunday, police began putting the squeeze on the motorcycle club, the New York Post reported.

Dozens of NYPD officers descended on the Hells Angels’ clubhouseand gave several members summonses on Tuesday. Citations included using planters to obstruct the sidewalk and not displaying motorcycle license plates properly.

“It was done just to f—k with them,” a source told the Post. “They’re not cooperating with the investigation. … We want them to feel our presence and to let them know we are here.”

On Sunday morning, David Martinez, 25, was shot when he moved one of several traffic cones the Hells Angels had placed outside theirclubhouse at 77 E. Third Street so the car he was a passenger in could move around a cab blocking the street. The club allegedly uses the cones to block off parking spaces for its members.

A fight broke out between several Hells Angels and Martinez and his companions, during which Martinez was shot in the abdomen by a man believed to be a prospective member of the motorcycle club. Martinez underwent surgery for his wounds and is recovering, the Post reported.

“(The Hells Angels) don’t own that block, and they have no right to block parking spots for themselves,” the source told the paper. “It’s a public street.”

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