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NYPD increasing activity in wake of London attack

(Photo via Flickr)
(Photo via Flickr)

In the wake of a London terror attack, the NYPD is increasing activity as Commissioner James O’Neill asks New Yorkers to remain vigilant.

During rush hour Friday, the force’s counterterrorism units moved throughout Times Square, monitoring the area in response to the explosion earlier in the day on a London subway. While the units’ presence may be unsettling for some, the NYPD says it’s simply a sign of the times.

“I think sometimes people don’t want to see a lot of police,” said NYPD Counterterrorism Chief James Waters, according to CBS2. “They don’t want to see the long guns, and the helmets because it’s, the world that has changed, and my message is yes, the world has changed since 2001, and this is the new world we live in, and this is the way we protect New York City.”

The NYPD has built up a notoriously skilled counterterrorism force since Sept. 11, monitoring the streets not only in uniform but in plain clothes as well. Waters said police use roughly 12,000 surveillance cameras throughout the city, also employing radiation detectors, bomb dogs and bag checks, CBS2 reported.

In a tweet Friday morning, Commissioner O’Neill said that while there is no direct threat to New York City, police would be “closely monitoring” the London incident.

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