NYPD receives thank-you note for job well done… from arrested suspect

Wikimedia Commons

Being arrested typically elicitsa strong reaction from the person in handcuffs, but one New Yorker’s response was quite surprising— a thank-you note to the NYPD officers for a job well done.

Officers arrested a 34-year-old veteran for grand larceny, according to the note, and New York’s finest wowed so much, the perp penned a note to Deputy Inspector William J. Gardner of the 90th precinct. In an age of Yelp reviews and Twitter trolls, it seems the suspect wanted to send some positivity into the world.

“I am supremely confident my recent arrest will be my one and only,” the note reads. “But God willing, if I am arrested again, let it be the 90th precinct!!”

Metro reached out to the NYPD for more information onthe “professional, respectful” arrest that officers made in Brooklyn on Saturday but didn’t receive a response.

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