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NYU to offer aid to some undocumented students

NYU to offer aid to some undocumented students

Here’s some good news for undocumented students with college aspirations: New York University has announced that some prospective students are now eligible for university scholarships.

Applicants who can provide proof that they’ve resided in New York state for at least three years will now be considered for the financial awards. However, current undocumented students will not be affected by the new rules.

“After a year of conversations with the NYU Office of Financial Aid, the DREAM Team is happy to announce that NYU has taken a small but significant step to making NYU more accessible to undocumented New York students,” wrote the NYU Dream Team, a group of student activists on campus, in a Facebook post.

In a statement, the university noted that the rule change now makes the financial aid rules for both undocumented and documented students more equal.

“We believe NYU offers a great education and the intent of this pilot is to offer additional financial support to help enable eligible undocumented men and women from New York to attend NYU,” the statement read.

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