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ObamaTails on menu

Next week, the capital’s most famous pastry will be the envy of political junkies all over Ottawa as it travels to Washington, D.C. — by invitation — to celebrate the U.S. presidential inauguration.

Grant Hooker, who fou­nded and co-owns Bea­verTails Canada Inc. with his wife, Pam, will be taking the BeaverTails pastry to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., to serve them at a “Tailgate party.”

Grant Hooker, whose grandmother created BeaverTails, calls this “a command performance” for the pastries.

“This is a very special occasion for the BeaverTail.”

Hooker, who brought Be­a­verTails to Ottawa in 1980, got a call from the Canadian Embassy last month.

“They asked if we would bring the BeaverTails down there, and how much it would cost,” said Hooker. “I said ‘yes,’ and ‘free.’”

The Hookers will be serving garlic butter and cheese BeaverTails as well as ObamaTails — cinnamon and sugar BeaverTails topped with Nutella “O’s” and maple eyes — to 1,000 guests at the party.

And what would president-elect Barack Obama think of it?

“I think he’d love it,” said Hooker, who hopes to see Obama sample a BeaverTail in a visit to Ottawa.

BeaverTails did a test run of its ObamaTails setup, giving out free pastries on the Rideau Canal Skateway at Fifth Avenue yesterday.

“I think it’s kind of neat that we can be a part of the party down there,” said Ottawa resident Terry Cole.

“It’s good for Canada,” said Ottawa resident Mark McHale, 23. “Maybe this will add some sweetness to Canadian-American relations.”

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