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Occupy movement a global awakening, Canadian author tells group

The founder of Vancouver-based Adbusters, whose anti-consumerist magazine catalyzed the Occupy Wall Street demonstration, didn’t expect the movement to spread like wildfire, says an Occupy Vancouver organizer.

New Westminster resident Min Reyes said she and other organizers met up with Adbusters founder and editor Kalle Lasn and said he realized that this isn’t a one-shot deal anymore.

“I kind of sensed that (Lasn) was actually somewhat surprised by how fast and how big this grew out of a call of action they had,” Reyes said. “I remember him saying that the time is right for this kind of movement, not to only take place in certain cities for local issues, but rather a global awakening where we need to figure out how to save our world from destruction.”

Reyes added Vancouver’s own Occupy movement, fashioned after New York’s anti-Wall Street protest, has no specific demands, but is sure issues will form “organically” during the demonstration Saturday at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

“It is through the process of general assemblies where people will be able to identify common issues and be able to reach a consensus through open communication,” she said, adding they will be indefinitely occupying the area.

Demonstrations are also expected to be held in most major cities across Canada on Saturday.

Vancouver’s Downtown Business Improvement Association has warned store owners to prepare themselves for the protest, which is expected to attract more than 2,000 people. Reyes said there is no need to worry, but she can’t guarantee what may or may not happen.

“The movement in its core is peaceful,” she said. “It’s not a protest, it’s more of a gathering for people to talk and try and figure out how we can change our society. There are no guarantees because it’s an open invitation to everybody to join us, but we do try to maintain a peaceful environment.”

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