Occupy Wall Street: 60 arrested so far in 'Day of Action' - Metro US

Occupy Wall Street: 60 arrested so far in ‘Day of Action’

The clashes between police and Occupy Wall Street got started early this morning, with 60 protesters arrested as the movement tried to literally occupy Wall Street.

Around 500 protesters marched to the street from their camp in nearly Zuccotti Park, where the movement has been camping without tents since Wednesday’s court decision banning structures in the park. The march is part of today’s “Day of Action,” as protesters attempt to stage protests near the New York Stock Exchange, in the subways, and on the Brooklyn Bridge.

As the march reached Wall Street during the area’s crowded rush hour, a three-sided conflict arose between the NYPD, trying to maintain stringent security, Occupy Wall Street, trying to disrupt the street’s morning routine and commuters, just trying to get to work without a fuss. (After months of having to hide our opinions on the matter, Metro is ready to declare a side — we’re part of the last group.)

At the moment, police had cleared protesters from Wall Street and had bottled up the main force of the march near the intersection with Water Street.

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