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Occupy Wall Street Journal: Protesters raise $75,000 to print newspaper

Yes, you read correctly: $75,000.

That is how much the Occupy Wall Street protesters have raised so far for their newspaper, The Occupied Wall Street Journal.

Based on the group’s Kickstarter page, they have been backed by almost 1,700 people to raise this amount. Their initial goal was $12,000.

So far the protesters have created two issues of the newspaper, which were distributed around Zuccotti Park.

“We don’t have billions like FOX News nor are we bankrolled by the Koch brothers. We only have YOU! You have our tremendous gratitude, but this money will only pay for two issues. The more money we get, the more newspapers, posters, stickers and flyers we can print to get out the voice of the 99%! Please keep contributing and encouraging all your friends, family and colleagues to do likewise!” the group writes on their page.

The “99%” sure know how to market themselves as they now want stickers, flyers and “edgy posters.”

The people putting together the Occupied Wall Street Journal are a group of journalists who support the occupation and want the general public to hear the stories of the ‘99%.”

Now, the deeper you reach into your pockets, the bigger the thank you will be from the protesters.

For donating $25, you will receive a copy of the newspaper in the mail. For $40, you get every issue mailed to you. For $60 they will print a thank you in the paper, while for $85 you will get a copy of the film ‘Yes Man,’ ‘Save the World’ plus all of the above.

For $200 you will receive a book, and for big spenders willing to dish out $500 or more, you’ll get a one-year subscription to the newspaper The Indypendent, plus the movie, book and newspaper.

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