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Occupy Wall Street: NYPD to investigate Anthony Bologna’s pepper spray use

The NYPD is starting an internal investigation against the use of pepper spray after a second video surfaced this afternoon showing one of its officers spraying apparently defenseless protesters this past weekend.

In today’s video, Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna — already infamous from a YouTube video showing him using pepper spray against Occupy Wall Street protesters penned in by anti-riot fences — appears to indiscriminately spray a random assortment of protesters, as well as one person wearing a press pass.

Commissioner Ray Kelly announced the investigation during a press conference today, while also speaking out against protesters for who made Bologna’s personal information public. Occupy Wall Street originally released Bologna’s name and badge number, and the hacking group Anonymous released his address and the names of his family. Kelly described the actions as a “terrible practice.”

The NYPD would not confirm whether Bologna was the officer in the second video. (via DNA Info)

UPDATE: Bologna also has a history of complaints from protesters: He is currently fighting charges of civil rights abuse from the 2004 Republican Convention. NBC New York is also reporting that he has been placed under NYPD protection after receiving death threats.

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