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Occupy Wall Street plans a student week of action

In its early weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement was largely comprised of college students. Since those first days, it has grown exponentially as veterans, union workers and the unemployed have joined the protest. This week, though, students will once again be one of the louder voices within the movement.

Occupy Wall Street announced a student week of action, beginning today with a protest at Columbia University, calling on law professor Michael Sovern, who is also chairman of the board of Sotheby’s, to end the auction house’s lock-out of its art handlers, according to a press release from OWS. Protesters said the idea if the week of action came after concerns about student debt, tuition hikes and university ties to Wall Street were voiced at general assembly meetings.

Events will continue throughout the week, as students from CUNY, Columbia, the New School, New York University, Pratt and Juilliard are encouraged to join protesters in a fight against issues like student debt and tuition hikes.

“It’s about uniting against the progressive attack against tertiary education over the last few decades,” said CUNY PhD student Zoltán Glück, who is an organizer for the student week of action.

“I would say students are not prominent enough of voice yet,” Glück said. “Part of the aspirations of this week are to try to fostoer more of a spirit of collective struggle within the student community.”

Thursday’s Student Strike is also being endorsed by the Occupy Colleges movement. Here’s a round-up of the week’s events, but find the full list is here:


CUNY Graduate Center, 12 to 7 p.m.: Tabling and Graffiti Wall of Grievances in the GC Lobby. Get militant teaching materials, find out about the week’s CUNY and Citywide student events including the student strike, connect with folks, and express your discontent, grievances, and questions.


Columbia University, 8 p.m.: Teach-In/Dialogue with Professors on “Education as a Right, not a Privilege.” Meeting will take place at the Sundial.


Julliard, 9:45 p.m.: Occupy Opera! — The Juilliard School has commissioned an opera about the history of international student uprisings and protest. Let’s show the bankers that the student movement is not a thing of the past, but an ongoing reality. Meet at 9:45 sharp Outside the Juilliard School.


All Day: Student Strike in solidarity with the National Day of Action, Occupy Wall St. and Organized Labor rallies.


All Day: Occupation Day.


Washington Square Park, 1:30 p.m.: Olivier Besancenot speaks at the People’s University.

Monday, November 21

City College, 1 p.m. CUNY-wide Walkout in protest of the tuition hikes. Stand up, walk out, come to the NAC Plaza, and let your voice be heard! Then after rallying for a little bit at City, students and teachers will head downtown to Madison Sq. Park to march on the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting.

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