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Occupy Wall Street: The best of ‘Hipster Cop’ Rick Lee

You’ve probably heard of Rick Lee, even if you don’t know his name. The self-described “gentlemen police officer” has been the center of attention for his effortless style down at Occupy Wall Street lately. Dubbed by many as the “hipster cop,” this 45-year-old community affairs detective says he isn’t trying to make any fashion statements– he just is who he is. Of course– because when has a hipster ever actually tried to be cool?

Lee caught the eye of GQ and he told the magazine his favorite brands are Burberry, Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. With his skinny ties, vests and horn-rimmed glasses, the hipster cop explained that his less-than-typical NYPD-look actually helps him better mediate between protesters, police and the community. We get it: Everyone can trust a guy in a skinny tie.

However, Lee is not sure “hipster” is the best term to describe him — he feels he’s more of an “English country” kind of guy. Looks like the hipster cop will just have to go on being misunderstood for now…

Here’s a video tribute to Lee rocking the skinny pants on duty:

Hipster Cop from Sparrow Media on Vimeo.

And finally, enjoy these ironic little hipster jokes from Buzzfeed:

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