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Odd spot for BC football

Boston College’s season-opening loss to Northwestern on Saturday has the Eagles in an odd spot: 0-1.

BC hasn’t started with that record since 2003, when they dropped an Aug. 30 contest to Wake Forest, 32-28.

Since then, they’d ripped off seven straight Game 1 victories, over Ball State (2004), BYU (’05), Central Michigan (’06), Wake Forest (’07), Kent State (’08), Northeastern (’09) and Weber State (’10).

(For trivia’s sake, the Eagles’ 54-0 victory over NU came in the Huskies’ last-ever football season opener. The boys on Huntington Avenue dropped the sport after the ’09 season.)

So, where does BC go from here?

Obviously, the defense must improve. Northwestern backup Kain Colter had way too easy a time coming up with yards both through the air and on the ground. He completed 17 of 24 passes — too high a percentage.

The final 2-minute drill, too, looked sloppy at best.

But nobody can argue with the Eagles’ rushing prowess. That backup Andre Williams ran for 114 yards and two TDs is a credit to the offensive line.

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