Of course Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch are already taking meetings and pitches for a ‘Set It Up’ reunion – Metro US

Of course Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch are already taking meetings and pitches for a ‘Set It Up’ reunion

Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch in Set It Up

Glen Powell has revealed that he and Zoey Deutch are already taking meetings and hearing pitches for films that will reunite the duo, after the huge success of Netflix’s Set It Up.

The romantic-comedy really chimed with audiences when it was released earlier this summer, so much so that when I brought up the success of the film Powell admitted that the pair are hoping to lead another movie together very, very soon.

“It is really cool. Obviously Zoey is a great friend of mine, and she has been a great friend for a while. It has been kind of wonderful.”

“What is kind of fun is that me and Zoey are trying to get back in the saddle together, so what has been kind of fun is that me and her have been taking meetings across Los Angeles together.”

“Which is kind of unprecedented for two actors to be rolling around together to writers and directors, who are pitching ideas to us.”

For the time being, Powell is just overjoyed that audiences really connected with “Set It Up,” although he did admit that he is still not quite sure how to exactly calculate its popularity. 

“We always loved the movie, we always loved the script by Katie Silberman. But I think the reaction that it got has been far and above anything we expected.”

“But it is also kind of weird, because there is no box office. So there are no numbers. All you can tell is that a lot of people have seen it, because a lot of people are coming up to us and saying they love the movie.”

“It seems like the world loves it, you can see on Twitter, people seem to genuinely love it. Zoey and I are genuinely pleased, because when you make a Netflix movie it feels like you are making something in private.”

“There’s not really a studio involved, you don’t know how many screens it is on, you don’t have those things that are really tangible.”

“So you release the movie into the world, and go, ‘OK, well I guess we did that now.’ But it has been relieved really well so we are really happy. And we are really proud of the movie.”

“It is nice when you are proud of a movie and the world agrees. It is always a bummer when those things don’t align.”

“Set It Up” is still, and forever will be, available on Netflix.