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Officials anticipate LRT ridership boost

The commute to the University of Alberta and downtown is a long one if you’re unlucky enough to get stuck in rush-hour traffic.

Commuters from the south side of the city will get a break this year, now that LRT access has expanded all the way to Century Park on 111 street and 23rd Avenue.

“Riding this particular line, I was amazed I couldn’t even get on the train. It was like Toronto in rush hour,” said Bob Boutilier, transportation general manager with the City of Edmonton.

“When you put the LRT in residential areas, you do get ridership.”

Century Park LRT station came online in April of this year with an average of 50,000 to 75,000 riders per day. Transit authorities have cause for optimism with the expectation that those numbers will increase to a speculative 100,000 riders per day with the return of students.

“The parking is organized, the payment system is fast and it will help, especially in winter,” observed Marilee Cabarron, a regular passenger on the train.

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