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Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno ‘fat’ by Internet troll standards

Mexican Olympic gymnastAlexa Moreno, weighing a mere 99 pounds, can’t even escape the wrath of Internet trolls who called her “gorda” (“fat”).

After competingin the uneven bars, beam and vault and floor exercise routines, trollsscurried to their keyboards to body-shame the 22-year-old athlete.

Comparing her to a cartoon pig, one Twitter user wrote:”Gymnast Mexican Alexa Moreno, the pig, was already eliminated in her second jump.”

Another tweeter wrote what basically translates to, “Alexa Moreno lose some weight already FATSO”.

Moreno is one of the few women to represent her country in the Olympics. She finished 31st in the women’s individual all-around, theNew York Daily Newsreported.

Not all of Twitter lives under bridges. Some netizens came to Moreno’s defense.

“I’d love to see anyone body-shaming Alexa Moreno do that badass floor routine she pulled off. She’s a tremendous athlete and cute as can be,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another responded:”#AlexaMoreno body shamers-really? Can you sprint 82 ft & propel your body head over heals? She’s amazing & inspiration to young Mexicans.”

Dove México came to the Olympian’s defense writing: “Thank you for your strength, talent and dedication. Thank you for being you. We are proud. #AlexaMoreno”

Another Twitter user slammed the trolls writing: “All those people body shaming Alexa Moreno and Robel Kiros Habte at the #Olympics must have qualified for their sports, too. No? Thought so.”

Another Twitter user fought fire with fire writing,”Exclusive image of tweeters who complain and say Alexa Moreno is too fat to do gymnastics” with a photo of an obese person.

Another post said: “I love Alexa Moreno because in elementary and high school I was bullied like that, If only I were as fat as she is. Let’s go Alexa, bb”

If@aLexa_M0 is the correct Twitter account for the Olympian, she has not responded on social media; instead, she let retweets speak for themselves.

The latter translates to “It matters more what you think of yourself than what others think of you.”