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Olympic skier Bode Miller’s daughter dies in drowning accident

Bode Miller's daughter found dead in drowning accident
Photo: Getty Images/Bode Miller's Instagram

Every day, about 10 people die from unintentional drowning, according to the CDC. Two of these 10 are kids ages 14 or younger — and, according to authorities, over the weekend, Bode Miller’s daughter was one of these children. Emeline Grier Miller drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool in Orange County, California. She was 19 months old.

The Associated Press reported that Emeline, known as Emmy, was found unconscious in the neighbor’s pool on June 9. Authorities performed CPR but couldn’t revive her. She reportedly died in the hospital on Sunday.

Back in April, Miller and his wife Morgan, also parents to 3-year-old Nash Skan, announced that they’re expecting their third child in October. Miller has two other children from previous relationships, according to People: Samuel, 5, and Neesyn, 10.

Miller, America’s most decorated alpine skier with six Olympic medals and 33 World Cup wins, made his retirement official in the last fall

He took to social media on Monday to address his daughter’s tragic death.

“We are beyond devastated. Our baby girl, Emmy, passed away yesterday,” Miller wrote on Instagram. “Never in a million years did we think we would experience a pain like this. Her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten. Our little girl loved life and lived it to it’s fullest everyday. Our family respectfully requests privacy during this painful time.” 

He posted a link to a “Meal Train” schedule, organized by one of the family’s midwives, for anyone who wants to donate hot meals as they mourn their daughter’s death. Also in Miller’s bio, is a link to a GoFundMe page organized by the same midwife.

Death of Bode Miller’s daughter: Ski community reacts

Many people from the ski community took to social media to express their condolences over the death of Bode Miller’s daughter.

The U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Team’s VP of communications posted the following:

And the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Team’s official Twitter account also wrote about Emeline’s death:

Lindsey Vonn took to Twitter as well:

Important safety information from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance after death of Bode Miller’s daughter

“Drowning is a very quick and silent event. It can happen in as short as 20 to 60 seconds,” Adam Katchmarchi, president of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA), told Today.com Tuesday morning.

He stressed that the number one thing parents can do is “actively supervise your children at all times around the water.”

Katchmarchi also stressed the importance of barriers — making sure that “there’s proper fencing around the pool.”

He told Today.com that it’s wise to keep toys or “attractive nuisances” away from the water as well. Most importantly, an adult around the pool should always know CPR and first aid. To find a CPR training course near you, go to redcross.org.

Other pool safety tips listed on the NDPA site include: keep a phone poolside “so that you never have to leave the pool to answer the phone and can call for help if needed,” instruct babysitters about potential pool hazards and always have a “life-saving ring” or CPR instructions in direct vicinity.

For more information, click through to the NDPA website.

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