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On the move to a better you in 2010

January is boom time for the latest fitness and dieting trends for the following year. We’re all feeling guilty about the eggnog, cheesecake, and various other delicacies we indulged in over the holidays, and resolutions naturally lead us to being a better “me.” Lucky for us, experts never run out of suggestions. Here’s a look at fitness trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2010.

Appetite curbing supplements
The idea of taking something to limit your appetite isn’t new, but the way you can take them is changing. Take for example the Sensa weight loss program, which promises to regulate your appetite by shaking Sensa Tastants on your food (much like salt and pepper), which tell your stomach to feel full. “The Biggest Loser” Season 3 contestant Kai Hibbard is also promoting Livea, another appetite suppressant.

Emphasis on prevention

With a continuing health care debate, many health care providers are pushing preventative measures and early disease detection programs to avoid higher expenses. They are also implementing high-tech methods to limit costs, such as online doctor house calls and live online medical advice. Last year, United Healthcare launched a Web treatment cost estimator so that patients could compare estimates for medical procedures.

Back-to-basics exercise

“We believe most people are more comfortable in a smaller gym. Owners and fitness pros can have more contact with the members,” says Jeff Thomsen, president of Fitness Solutions Direct. With a continuing recession, be on the lookout for smaller-operation gyms that emphasize lower costs, fewer flatscreen TVs and more customer service.

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