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On the streets, hoping to send a clear message

The Edmonton Police Service’s downtown division is running an awareness campaign about crime in the Boyle Street and McCauley area, as part of a larger campaign called Divert Disorder.

By flooding the area with marked police resources and participating community partners like Hope Mission and Mustard Seed, they hope to decrease disorder.

“A lot of groups work in the same area as us but stay in the background,” said Sgt. Chris Hayduk. “We want agencies to complement each other.”

Divert Disorder will be active in the area until Saturday. Uniformed EPS members will be visible in the neighbourhood, providing public education to residents, as well as information for those in need.

“Our focus isn’t high crime rate, it’s crime and disorder,” Hayduk said.

The public display is intended to send a message to criminals and law-abiding citizens in the community. By increasing their presence in the area, they hope to disrupt the criminals’ normal routines.